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UlsterHeritage DNA Test Results


Click for Complete DNA Test Results - is a large file showing all results of all members colour-coded by haplogroups.

Please be patient.

This is a large file which takes some time to load - even on a hi-speed connection.

The Test Results are grouped into several septs plus a grouping of individuals who are not linked by DNA to any specific family group at this time.


Joining the UlsterHeritage DNA Project

Had your DNA testing done by Family Tree DNA and Want to Join the UlsterHeritage DNA Project?

You can do so very easily AND at no cost to you!

Instructions for Joining

  • Go to the Family Tree DNA website - https://www.familytreedna.com

  • Click on Login to your account in the upper right corner of the page

  • Enter your kit number or username and password; then click on Log In

  • In the menubar on the left side, click on Join Projects

  • In the centre of the page is a Search window, enter Ulster and click search

  • Click on Ulster ; then in the lower right corner, click on Join

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